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Sales for People Who Hate Selling!

By September 12, 2023No Comments

$ales…For People Who Hate Selling!

Are you a business owner who dreads the idea of selling?

Or is the thought of selling putting you off starting a business?

You’re not alone. A lot of businesses fail because the business owner doesn’t UNderstand sales. This is true for both product and service businesses. 

The founder can often shy away from selling for various reasons. Sales is often regarded as “dirty” or “UNder-handed”, however it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this UNleashed! Webinar, we’ll debunk the big myths about sales, showing you that it’s not about being pushy or manipulative – but about truly getting to know your customers! No matter how much or little sales experience you have, you’ll find out that sales is just a process that can be learned.

Join us and hear from the founder of UNpreneur, Kallum with a K, who’ll remove the UN-knowns and share proven practical tips to help you generate sales here and now! Whether you’re just starting out, or have been going for a few years, you’ll leave this webinar with the $ales mindset and toolkit to blow up your sales!

Wednesday 27th September, 2pm – 3.30pm, via Zoom

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