New student and early start Enterprise Programme

We have good news! SPARK with support from The Faculty of Art, Business and Social Science (FABSS) are trialling a 1-year student/early stage Enterprise Start-up Programme called UNleashed!  The programme has been jointly funded by SPARK and Business Engagement for the first year.

UNleashed! is a new 12-month programme of epic entrepreneurship for universities, brought to you by Unpreneur and SPARK. Learn from business leaders and collaborate with students from across the UK as you launch and grow your business. We have 100 free places available on UNleashed! and although we are commencing the initial trial in FABBS we will be supporting active student entrepreneurs in all Faculties.

UNleashed! is all about high-impact, energetic and practical student enterprise support. As a student on the UNleashed! Programme, you’ll get access to:

  • Online learning platform with workshops on many business topics
  • Sector-specific monthly webinars with industry leaders to challenge, develop and inspire
  • Entrepreneurship competitions
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer support and to exchange ideas, contacts, and challenges with the wider student-start community at other national Universities
  • UNstuck! Sessions, a weekly group call with the UNpreneur team, where you can ask us any questions about starting and growing a business.
  • Targeted Industry Introductions, access to UNpreneur’s extensive network to help you supercharge your business progress.

The programme is vibrant, personalised, savvy, and up to date, and the team at Unpreneur know how to bring enthusiasm to entrepreneurship. They will help you to supercharge your progress and can’t wait to meet you!

Student Enterprise TV powered by UNpreneur – YouTube

If you have recently started a business or have an enterprise activity, then please don’t hesitate to sign up for UNleashed! now by speaking to your Student Mentor or send us an email detailing your enterprise initiative to Unleashed@wlv.ac.uk

UNstoppable! Call - University of Wolverhampton

A 1-hour UNstoppable! calls for (aspiring) student and graduate business owners from the University of Wolverhampton.

Whether you’re struggling with marketing, sales or growth (or any of the other 1,001 challenges that business owners face daily!), these hyper-focused 1-hour UNstoppable! calls help you make real business breakthroughs.

Become UNstoppable!

Sign up for the UNleashed! Programme now: Unleashed@wlv.ac.uk

UNstuck! Sessions

Got a burning question about starting/growing a business you’d like answered?

Get UNstuck! in these weekly group calls with the UNpreneur Team. Join us and ask any question about starting, growing and exiting a business!

This is also a grrreat opportunity to learn from the experiences of other (aspiring) student business owners on the call!

All sessions are detailed on the Unleashed Programme Platform so sign up for the UNleashed! Programme now: Unleashed@wlv.ac.uk

Up and coming events........




Unleashing the Power of Influencer Marketing!

Do you want to know more about Influencer Marketing can help grow your business?

Join us for this UNleashed webinar powered by UNpreneur, where you’ll hear from Francesca Morelli, who is Director & Co-Founder at NI’s first dedicated Influencer Marketing Agency, VAVA Influence.

Along with her business partner, Chloe, Francesca connects influencers to businesses across NI, ROI, and UK for marketing and promotional purposes.

Chloe and Francesca are also the founders of The VAVA Club, NI’s first TikTok House, and The VAVA Awards, NI’s first exclusive Influencer Awards. Francesca and Chloe often train businesses in social media and influencer marketing to empower business owners to create effective campaigns and engaging content.

SPARK businesses and UoW Student entrepreneurs can sign up for this webinar on Wednesday 24th April, 2pm – 3.30pm, where we’ll answer all of your burning questions on Influencer Marketing.

Sign up now: https://linktr.ee/Unlxwolvs

UNpreneur Inter-University Bootcamp / Applications Now Open!



Calling all University of Wolverhampton students and graduates who have a business idea or have already started their entrepreneurship journey!

We have a very exciting opportunity for 40 students to join the UNpreneur x SHU Inter-University Bootcamp this summer!

This EPIC 4-week Inter-University Start-Up Bootcamp will be made up of 4 engaging, interactive and (fun!) practical sessions every Wednesday in June, designed to help you supercharge progress on an existing or pre-start business idea.

There will also be dedicated weekly “UNstuck! Sessions” every Thursday in June. This is your chance to get your burning questions answered!

The Bootcamp brings together students and graduates from universities across the UK to share experiences and work on developing their business idea in a challenging and supportive environment.

What Will Be Taught During the Inter-University Bootcamp?

  • Week #1: UNderstanding Yourself – Having the right mindset is critical. It’s also essential to focus on your own goals and habits. Adaptability, resilience, and resourcefulness are key areas to master.
  • Week #2: UNderstanding Customers – A business without customers is not a business. We’ll explore how to identify what problem you are solving, and for whom. In this session, we will also cover practical sales and marketing skills.
  • Week #3: UNderstanding Business – We’ll cover the different types of company structure, from “sole traders” and “limited companies” to “social enterprises”. Money will be one of the core drivers of your success, so we’ll look at the different sources of money from idea stage to scale-up.
  • Week #4: Panel Session: Hear from other UNpreneurs! – You’ll have the opportunity to hear from other student and graduate UNpreneurs in this special panel session! What they wish they knew when they were starting out, how they overcame challenges, and what their biggest lessons were. All will be revealed in this candid final session – you won’t want to miss it!

The format for the weekly virtual sessions will be: 1-hour of teaching, followed by 1-hour focused on implementation. We really want you to take ACTION!

Before applying, please make sure that you are able to attend ALL of the dates listed below:


  • Wednesday June 5th / 10am – 12pm
  • Wednesday June 12th / 10am – 12pm
  • Wednesday June 19th / 10am – 12pm
  • Wednesday June 26th / 10am – 12pm


  • Thursday June 6th / 10am – 11am
  • Thursday June 13th / 10am – 11am
  • Thursday June 20th / 10am – 11am
  • Thursday June 27th / 10am – 11am

Application Form:

To apply please complete this short form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fsKXlwFYW_S98AmsRjNJ4YQBVUzOfY49hvHUCD6zx8Q/edit?usp=sharing and email to Unleashed@wlv.ac.uk  for the attention of Louise Hunter.

Deadline for Applications: Friday 31st May 2023

Apply for our student entrepreneur programme UNleashed!

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