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Step one

Fill out the short form below or email and tell us a little bit about your idea – don’t forget to provide a contact number or e-mail!

Step two

The Business Incubation and Growth Manager will contact you to talk a little further about your idea and see whether, on initial discussion, you might meet our criteria and also crucially, whether you will benefit from being a member of SPARK.  If so, we will ask you to come in and meet us and have a look round the facilities we offer.  We also ask that you undertake a short diagnostic (which typically takes no more than 30 minutes).  The diagnostic helps us to work out where you are in terms of company development and hence we can identify the assistance you might need.  It is important to us as it will form the start of your bespoke action plan when you take residence in SPARK or commence on SPARKstart Programmes.

Step three

If you meet our eligibility criteria and are accepted into the incubator we encourage you to sign up for support with Business Growth West Midlands, who will direct you to support services that may benefit your business.

How would you describe your business at present?
Currently still an ideaPiloting my business to small audienceBusiness has recently startedBusiness is growingBusiness is declining