In September 2018, the government appointed Alison Rose, the Chief Executive of RBS, to examine all the barriers women face going into business. With only one in five small and medium-sized companies today being run by women, the government promises to do more to support more women going into business.

SPARK Hub currently has over 25 companies incubated here, and boasts a diverse community of entrepreneurs, with nearly a third of these companies owned and run by women.
Augusta Moses

Augusta Moses –owner of bookkeeping company August Financials and Media & Communications company Novello Media. When Augusta Moses first launched her bookkeeping company August Financials just over 2 years ago, she recalls approaching Lloyds bank for funding, and was underwhelmed by their response. Without securing funding to cover start-up expenses Augusta went on to self-finance her business. A mother of 4, Augusta works part time in order to invest in and grow her business. Augusta has now secured clients both across the Midlands and London, and the company continues to grow. Augusta recently launched her second business Novello Media, a social media marketing agency developing bespoke social media marketing strategy to help businesses generate brand awareness, sales and  grow leads. “Starting on my own, has been life transforming, I have worked on all aspects of the business, from workflow management, financial accounting, creating a website and so on. I am enjoying growing as a business woman”

Natasha Albanese

Natasha Albanese – owner of Natasha Albanese Coaching. By using an authentic blend of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transformational Life Coaching, Natasha makes permanent, significant change in the lives of her clients, helping with a range of issues including: Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Sports Performance, Self Confidence Issues, Insomnia and Pain Management. Natasha shunned a more traditional business approach when starting out, and instead focused on staying true to her values. “Sometimes it can seem that our kindness is labelled as weakness, and empathy is a character flaw. But kindness is power. Empathy is power. And these are the very values that drive my business and give me purpose.“Doing well by doing good is a pretty cool basis for business, and I’m proud of the contribution I’m making to improving the lives of others.”

Hadia Malik

Hadia Malik, started Kiswah Well-being, after feeling disillusioned by the state of prescribed and traditional medicine. Hadia was the primary carer to her elderly mum, and used cupping to treat her mother’s ailments.  Seeing her mother’s condition improve and health restored, Hadia was inspired. “I wanted to help people, and educate them on an alternative and better form of care” Hadia now provides cupping therapies to help improve female health and wellbeing. A former head teacher, with teaching experience spanning over 20 years, Hadia has gained insight into the pressures learners often face, and how stress manifests into physical ailments, and acts as an obstruction to learning. “I love being my own boss, I have experienced financial barriers, but I have been able to explore other funding options that have enabled me to be sustainable. Starting a business has also meant challenging some societal conditioning of women as business leaders, but that has only made me more driven to succeed”