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SPARK celebrates Women in Construction

By March 9, 2020February 22nd, 2024No Comments

This international Women’s Day, we put the spotlight on SPARK based tenant and recruitment specialist for the construction industry SBF Consultancy. We spoke to the company’s relationship managers Jessica Broom and Saffron-Danielle Noble, who gave us an insight into how as a team they are making strides in supporting their clients through the selection and management of female employees in construction, their current work in developing female-centered policies including maternity policies, and also how the equal treatment within their organisation is helping them take control of their own careers. 

What does an equal world is an enabled world mean to you?

We are all given similar responsibilities, you are asked to do it because of your skillset not because of your gender. We are all given targets and expected to meet the same high standards.

In what way is your employer helping to forge a gender-equal world?

“We recently drafted a maternity policy for one of our clients for the first time, it was surprising that this document didn’t exist prior to our relationship with them, this is an important document that should be a part of any company or organisation whether it is relevant to current employees or not”.

In your opinion, do you think women face barriers, in terms of progressing their careers?

“Women face barriers, without a doubt, in an equal world, there has to be an understanding that there are certain things that affect women only, and women should not be scrutinised for that. It can be harder for women to request time off. It can be off-putting to some employers but that shouldn’t be seen as a reason to stop women progressing in their careers”.

SBF Consultancy provides an array of services to new and existing clients across the UK. They currently work with clients in varying industries from construction and logistics to payroll, providing them with outsourced administration, project management, marketing, and web development services.

Predominantly the business’s main focus is providing outsourced administration support for its clients, giving them the time to grow their own client base and develop their business whilst their internal processes are formalised, streamlined and managed to the highest standards.