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We are a Site Management organisation (SMO) for General Physicians (GPs) throughout the UK. To promote health prevention through general public directed medical publications (Plazebo Magazine) and clinical research in Primary Care settings.

To supply technical services to the research industry as an ‘overflow’ service and remote office for Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and pharmaceutical companies. We will provide ‘overflow’ services of clinical data management, project management and remote monitoring.

Our market is health promotion within the GP sector (Plazebo Magazine). We also act as SMO (filling out regulatory paperwork, CRF storage, data management and site monitoring) for GPs.

We strive not to become a CRO but to act as a body of independent groups supplying an overflow service and outsourcing personnel.

“Azurite Health is dedicated to its clients and employee development. We believe that co-operation and mutual respect leads to optimum output and a sense of one shared goal.”

What We Do

  • Site management
  • Health promotion
  • Clinical research
  • Clinical data management
  • Project management
  • Remote office for CROs and pharmaceutical companies
  • Remote monitoring