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Wolverhampton Art Students wow at Gallery


The University of Wolverhampton School of Art Master’s graduates recently showcased their work at the Wolverhampton Art gallery. The exhibition was impressive and dynamic demonstrating a breadth of talent from multi-disciplines, from Fine Art to Virtual Reality. SPARK team went along to engage with future creative and tech entrepreneurs.

Tavis Booth, a visual communication graduate has allowed visitors to experience the spectacular architectural highlights of Liverpool Cathedral and Gloucester Cathedral. Booth’s work is a combination of film, photography, computer coding and virtual reality technology. Through this work visitors can appreciate the architecture, stained glass and artefacts of these extraordinary historical national treasures.

The exhibition also introduced photographers, jewellery makers, glass work artists, fabric and fashion designers. A few of the student artists expressed a disconnection between their future career goals and their arts education. Their opinions suggested that they were unsure which direction to go upon graduation, either towards employment or entrepreneurship.

Naturally, being a self-employed artist or a creative entrepreneur can be a daunting experience when you don’t feel prepared. If you’ve never had experience handling business administrative tasks like

 invoicing and budgeting, then you might be hesitant to start your own business and risk not budgeting correctly for your own living expenses. Similarly, if you have no experience with business development practices, it’s understandable that you’d be afraid to step out on your own. However, that’s precisely why SPARK incubation hub exists; to provide a space where creative individuals can network with other creatives, combine their talents with entrepreneurial skills, test drive their ideas and develop a successful start-up.