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What’s New This November?


Delivering an effective presentation is an art that needs to be perfected” Dale Carnegie

Presentation skills are an essential part of business communication and this month our SPARK community have been busy delivering presentations to different audiences across the West Midlands. The presentations ranged from teaching on finance management processes, to training primary school teachers on mental health issues, to interviewing celebrities at a charity conference, to a VR demonstration.

We asked the Directors of  School of Coding, August Financials, AtmosVR and Your Psychology to share some of their tips on the Do’s and Don’ts for an effective presentation.

AtmosVR, Director Kevin Blair guided people through a ‘Walk the Plank’ VR experience at the Black County Chambers exhibition earlier this month, Kevin shares his presentation skills for a successful interactive demonstration;

  • Speak clearly
  • Pronounce your words
  • Project your voice
  • know your subject

School of Coding recently presented to an audience of over 500 delegates at an annual charity conference. Director Manny Atwal shares his key tips;

  • Engage with your audience- connect with them emotionally or through a personal experience to break the ice
  • Prepare your slides – Don’t create a presentation that has too much information in it. This could confuse people.

August Financials led a presentation on finance management processes to business professionals, Director Augusta Moses shares her tips on overcoming nerves;

  • Be consistent and constantly practice so that you are comfortable with your presentation and can deliver it with confidence.
  • If possible, meet the audience before the presentation so you are not overwhelmed by them.
  • Always arrive early so you can relax and familiarise yourself with the audience. Once you have worked on yourself, giving a great presentation will become easier.

A few more tips from our business community;

  • Don’t worry about the nerves, nobody notices them but you
  • Don’t panic if you can’t answer a question

Most important of all, overcome your fear of public speaking and turn the nervous energy into enthusiasm for your work.

For further information on Presentation tips and advice, or for support in Public Speaking visit Wolverhampton Speakers Club.