What’s New this June?


Those who share a space will naturally begin to collaborate

SPARK space tenant Depict Creative describe their experience of what it’s like to be a part of SPARK, and how the most humble of things like a coffee break, turned out to be the beginning of an exciting collaboration between two tenants.

“ whilst waiting in the queue at our onsite Starbucks, we started chatting to a Director from Wow Stuff! A fellow tenant company in the same building as us. Wow Stuff! are in the Toy and Gift industry, carrying an impressive number of the biggest brands seen on high street stores’ shelves.

After a few coffee’s and the discovery that we can produce apps for smartphones and tablets, Wow Stuff! asked if we could create an app for QI – the TV Show with Steven Fry…….(Read more)

Supported Starts

Visit: www.sparkspace.co.uk

Donald Brown, from Global Gallery www.globalgallery.org has been invited to speak at the United Nations in June 2017.

School of coding hosted their first coding day in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton on the 1st June. An event which saw a number of excitable young people receive lessons on how to code computers. To find out more about this event visit their website www.schoolofcoding.co.uk.

Carl Jarvis, marketing advisor and author, launches his new book ‘Marketing for Manufacturers’. In his book he provides useful tips and advice to small and medium sized manufacturing companies on a series of marketing strategies, garnered from 18 years of experience through advising and delivering marketing services in this sector. His expertise is shared through simple yet compelling anecdotes, which convinces the reader to take action. For a copy of his book contact carl@carljarvis.com.