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Coding activity day set to inspire students in Wolverhampton.



The event is being held by the National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda, an initiative that helps broker relationships between schools, colleges and employers to help bring the world of work alive for young people.

All workshops are designed by the School of Coding, a local company that works together with schools and universities across the country to deliver fun packed coding activity days to create more computer coders. They also regularly engage young people through after school clubs and at their tuition centre.

On the day, students will get the opportunity to take part in fun packed coding activities. These include understanding algorithms, coding robots for movement and lighting, creating video games and experiencing how to create virtual realities.

The workshops take place on Tuesday 31 October in SPARK at Wolverhampton University, and will see over 20 students take part.

Manny Athwal, Director at School of Coding said;

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower! Here, at School of Coding, we inspire the young generations to innovate and create using Computer Science so that we, as a Country, don’t fall behind in technology with rest of the world.”

Gloria Smith, National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda Partnership Manager said;

“Coding is an integral thread in all STEM related subjects. We’re delighted to expand access to this subject, and help students learn about skills that will be vital in tomorrow’s digital economy. All students should have access to computer science, just like biology, chemistry or physics.”

This event also helps bring the Inspiration Agenda to an underrepresented minority of students, who are often overlooked. One of the elements of our vision for the Inspiration Agenda is that all students, despite their background or learning ability, should undertake activities that will inspire them to make informed careers decisions for their future.”

If you would like to find out more about how the National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda can help your school or college, please email

School of Coding Summer

Turn your kids into entrepreneurs this summer!


This month, as the schools break up for the summer holidays, most parents would likely be thinking of what to do and how to keep the kids entertained over the next six weeks. The search would have begun for fun summer activities, including places to visit. Why not turn your kids into entrepreneurs?

Nick D’Aloissio, the 17 year old London based entrepreneur who just sold his app Summly for £18million, spent one of his summer holidays developing an app which subsequently lead to his success today, and he became  a millionaire before his 17th birthday.

Ok, maybe not all of us can be D’Aloissio, but the number of young entrepreneurs is rising, app creation is also increasing in popularity, and because this child’s play also enables learning, it’s gaining popularity with parents.

This summer, SPARK tenant School of Coding, are providing kids the opportunity to come and learn everything from app creation to robotics. School of Coding will be running summer camps from 18th July to 30th August, the camps will equip children aged 8 -14 years with coding skills.

Visit, to find out more.

With a growing population of tech savvy young entrepreneurs, a course in finance management is essential, from how to get that initial capital investment to knowing what to do with it. Finance 4 Kids are running their holiday club starting Wednesday 26th July. Children aged 8-12 years will learn how to manage their personal finance including, budgeting, saving, and making good investment choices.