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TENANT SPOTLIGHT: SPARK welcomes four new companies



SPARK Business Incubation Hub has been supporting business for over 13 years and has helped launch numerous successful and sustainable companies that have had lasting impacts on their communities, their industries and their customers.

Over recent years numerous companies have capitalised on the opportunity of receiving support through SPARK with each achieving success in different ways. Some companies have achieved excellent revenue levels whilst other companies have expanded and created employment at a time when it is most needed.

We would like to introduce you to four new companies who have recently joined SPARK. Although each of the companies profiled here has a very different business, they share a common theme – the desire to be a successful enterprise.


AtmosVR Limited provide 3D, 360 degree and Virtual Reality services for promotional and marketing projects. In 2017 they will also be launching a 3D 360 degree live streaming service for concerts and events.

Are you fed up with missing out on concerts and events because tickets are sold out or the venue is too far away? Perhaps you have a disability that prevents attendance? AtmosVR has the solution.

They live stream concerts and events in 3D, 360 degree, 4K format so that you can be immersed direct from the stage. Be right next to your favourite artists, even if there are no tickets left.


August Financials provides small businesses and SME’s with essential business support services. They provide ‘All in One’ bespoke packages comprising of bookkeeping, marketing and IT support.

Their experience comes from having set up and managed several businesses in different sectors. The reason they do this is because they understand the initial stages of starting up a business, including the different aspects of the business from accounting, to marketing to sales etc.

August Financials are passionate about business and will endeavour to assist you to achieve the growth you seek.


Covenant Direct Limited is a specialist company providing business development mentoring, leadership and training services to the SME market.

They aim to break down the complex and often burdensome aspects of managing a business into easy to digest and repeatable knowledge to make you and your business successful.


Saturn Entertainment provides studio audio production and live music solutions throughout the UK and further afield with an aim to create innovative contemporary music for recording artists, filmmakers and broadcasters.

Their services include music production and composition, audio editing and live musical direction.


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