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SPARK Parentpreneurs -Enjoy more of the Summer holidays than most!




A recent research from cloud accounting software provider Xero, revealed that parents who have their own businesses will take three weeks on average off work to spend with their children this summer holidays – a whole week extra than their peers who are employed by someone else. Also, with the rising demand of quality childcare and the stress that comes with making those arrangements, Xero found that most parents who run their own businesses say they now spend more time with their children than they did before.

In light of this, we find out from our resident parent-preneurs the impact, having kids, had on unearthing the motivation to start a business in SPARK.

First off, the SPARK business community boasts a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, with companies from the creative, digital and technology sectors. However behind these companies are the different individuals with distinct motivations to start a new business, or to grow an existing one.

In conversations with some of our tenants, the definition of success for our parent-preneurs was not merely about hitting that million pound target, but their driving force was powered by a desire to have that extra bit of flexibility and the ability to spend time with family, and of course to grow a sustainable business. For many being a parent solidified the desire for financial freedom and instead of a pursuit of career advancement, their new role as parents ignited a desire for business.

The SPARK hub brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and provides a unique opportunity for business owners to get support from others who can identify with the challenges of growing a business with kids in tow, and also help entrepreneurs with differing priorities keep their goals in sight.

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