manny and donald

SPARK hosts Careers Development Week!


As part of the university’s week long events and activities for students to help build new skills, and enrich learning in their subject areas, SPARK team hosted an event, ‘meet the entrepreneurs’. The goal was to inspire students to engage in entrepreneurial activity while connecting them to potential collaborators and mentors. The event included motivational speeches and information from SPARK entrepreneurs about starting a business, and a tour of SPARK office spaces.

The Global Gallery’s internationally renowned sculptor Donald Brown used his art work to take students through the ups and pitfalls of business management and development. Students were enthralled with his sculpture, ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’, which depicts numerous sports, and promotes positive principles for life, including perseverance, resilience, focus and risk taking.

Donald Brown is an Award Winning Sculptor, an Elite Masters Athlete and a graduate from Wolverhampton University with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Sculpture. He was invited in 2006 to speak at The United Nations in New York. In 2016 Donald made the Fortune Magazine list of Game Changers and in 2017 was nominated as one of the 100 Masters by Creative Black Country.

The School of coding, duo Manny Atwal and Gus Basson, also inspired students with their start-up story. Manny talked to students about the formative stages, to how together , he and Gus have managed to attract investors, grow from a one man band providing private tuition within homes to running a tuition centre in SPARK, and delivering coding lessons in independent and LEA schools across the city of Wolverhampton.