SPARK companies give student a taste of entrepreneurship.


People always ask me, ‘What do you want to do when you’re older?’ and I always sit there contemplating to myself “what do I want to do?” At school I have a strong idea of the subjects I dislike and don’t plan on exploring as well as the subjects I have an interest in.

This is why work experience has been of so much use to me. In my school we get a week long period to do a work placement. I decided to take this opportunity to gather a greater understanding of what I wanted to do. I reached out to SPARK Incubation Hub who help new businesses to succeed. They agreed to take me on for the week and gave me an agenda for the week mainly based on technology which was what I had discussed in the meeting and in my CV.

When I first arrived I was a little nervous but also quite excited to start. I was given a tour of the building and introduced to the people I’d be spending the week with who all seemed really nice. After this I was informed of fire procedures and other cautions to be weary of.

mannyand travis

On my first day I spent the day with School of Coding, a business that offer workshops, after-school clubs and summer camps that aim to  improve children’s programming and general skills using technology. I was given tasks such as putting together a set of kits for the workshop they had booked for the next day, helping prepare resources and installing software onto a set of laptops. This gave me an idea of what working in a business that is heavily centred around technology would be like. I went onto do another day there later in the week which was also very useful.


During the week I also worked with Code Consult who recruit skilled programmers and software developers for other businesses. From spending the day with them it gave me a firm chance to look into the recruitment process including the skills employers are looking for, how candidates can stand out and how a good CV is written.



On the penultimate day of my week I spent the day with Dominic Bennett who taught  me about cryptocurrencies and how these are used in everyday life as well as how they are created and how they grow. I was given a chance to use Photoshop to design photos to upload to his company’s social media which was enjoyable.

Overall my experience at SPARK Incubation Hub has been very positive, giving me a good idea of the areas I want to go into within the next few years.