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How to survive the winter – analyse your marketing campaign


The fast approaching winter, for many means business slow down. A winter storm could mean ice on the roads, which means getting to the office or to that important meeting would be difficult. Employees calling in sick, and owners relegated to the bedroom too overpowered by a common cold become a stumbling block to productivity levels. When it comes to being prepared for winter, the small things you put in place now can really make a difference. To make autumn and winter work for you, try experimenting with different marketing campaigns, redesign your website, try video blogging, coordinate your content marketing, and try new marketing tools.

A marketing campaign is an ever evolving piece of art, what worked last year is not guaranteed to work this year and what was trending last season will no longer be in trend this season. So a fresh pair of eyes is needed to attract new custom audiences.

Since September is often treated as the start of a new year, not only does it mean the end of summer, but for parents, school aged children and students, a new academic year is beginning. Depending on your type of business, your seasonal marketing campaign can be aligned to make the most of this.

Also, we are all familiar with promotions, special offers, and events, which take place from October to December, the key is to prepare a marketing campaign that is unique and stands out to give you that edge over your competitors. Now is the time to put the effort in, analyse your sales funnel, lay out all your marketing campaigns, find out what is working and what isn’t and make those essential changes. Along with your product promotions and discounted services it is always a great marketing strategy to form a personal connection with your audiences, one way is to share through imagery, via social media or website video logs what you and or your colleagues are up to, to celebrate the new season.