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Ah Summer, Time to Get Your Networking in Shape!


It’s Summer although it may not look like it today, however, next week’s temperatures are expected to be in the highs of 18 degrees. For many the hot weather signals a slump in productivity levels, but your productivity level doesn’t have to be measured by the countless hours you spend being chained to your office desk, here at SPARK you don’t have to be in the office to do business. Summer is the perfect time to grow your business, and a co-working space is the right environment to do just that.

SPARK Associate tenants have designed their businesses so that they could be location independent. Our co-working spaces provide companies with flexibility, but also the opportunity to have access to all kinds of advisers and experts.

SPARK Associate tenants use the hot-desk area to catch up with contacts, colleagues and potential clients. At SPARK you can grab a drink, have lunch al fresco or simply net-walk around the canal. Our tenants enjoy the summer and build their businesses in the process.

While it may be very tempting to give in to the desire to bask in the sun, summer time doesn’t have to mean dropping your productivity levels. Networking within a co-working environment provides a myriad of ways to continue to grow your business during the summer months, keep up the momentum,  and prepare for the winter hike.